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Posted by kdpgrahi on July 30, 2012

The Shooting Star

In the wee hours of the morning, I manoeuvre my way through the cobbled streets and ancient stonewalls of Safranbolu, a small town in the western Karadeniz region of Turkey. I had been reluctant to leave Istanbul, probably the first big city I’ve fallen so in love with, but as I step back in time into a 300 year old Ottoman house perched on a slope, I’m glad I came! Genghis, my host, greets me with a warm smile and bits of English, and shows me to my quaint room in the part of the house now converted into a pansiyon (pension aka guest house).

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technorati tiral

Posted by kdpgrahi on July 12, 2009


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How to prevent Head and Neck Cancer

Posted by kdpgrahi on July 12, 2009

As we live so we make ourselves amenable to continous disease attacks, some of whic curable we tend to care less than those for which there is no proven therapies. Cancer is one of the disease that instills a sense of fear in us as it over and above is termed as an incurable disease. No medical therapies found out for it. But still the health doctors tell us that attack of cancer is not at all a death sentense. Though in curable it can be checked, prevvented if detected early. Among various cancers Head and Neck Cancer seems to be most common cancer that claims a heavy toll every year. Aout 20,000 persons each year die in US alone. As most other cancers Head and Neck Cancer associates with some of the envirnmental and behavioural factors like smoking and chewing tobocco, consumption of alcohol and certain strains of the sexually tansmitted human papillomavirus. Head and Neck Cancer refers to a group of cancers originating in the upper respiratiory and upper digestive tract, the lip, oral cavity(mouth) nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, pharynx, and larynx.
As there is no therapies to cure it one has to immune oneself by preventing some of the risk factors like consumption of alcohol, smoking etc and practicing some of the protective practices like regular excercise and a healthy diet.
To follow some of the steps precisely are as under:
1) Don’t smoke or use any other tobacco products
2) Don’t drink alcohol frequently or heavily
3) Don’t combine alcohol and tobacco use
4) Don’t go back to smoking or drinking after treatment
5) Have a healthy diet comprising fruits and vegetables and induct regular exercise into your daily regimen
6) Avoid long sun exposure
7) Maintain good oral hygiene and see your dentist regularly
8) Be aware of the danger of HPV (human papillomavirus)

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The Dream of a Nuclear free World

Posted by kdpgrahi on April 7, 2009

 The recent Prauge Speech of Mr. Barack Obama  has since evoked a serious and much concerned  debate on the crucial issue of nuclear disarmament. The is not new to a president of United States. Before him some of the presidents has tried to address the issue in their own way. Mr Bill Clinton has tried to ratify the CTBT( Comprehensive Test ban Treaty) and talked much on disarmament. Though in Mr. Bush’s time the issue never took off it was not dead. From Henry Kissinger onwards so many western personalities have been echoing  the same language for a nuclear free world


In this present scenario of non-nuclear states acquiring nuclear war heads( N Korea testing rockets having war heads, satellite launch) the speech of Obama gets significance. He calls for a world rid of nuclear arsenals. Though he becomes a victim of  the apprehension of not achieving the goal within his life time. How true it is! The complete destruction of such a huge compilation of nuclear armaments is simply not possible in near future.  But the President’s concern , his sincerity, his vision is to be felt everywhere.


If Mr. Obama is so serious he should concentrate on thre most important things for the interim, however.First, he would reduce the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. national security strategy. Secondly, he was committed to the “immediate and aggressive pursuit” of Senate ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty as the first step towards pushing for the CTBT’s entry into force. Thirdly, a verifiable ban on the dedicated production of fissile material for the manufacture of nuclear weapons would be a top priority.


Here again the speech is definitely a step forword from the position maintined by the previous Bush administration. To make it mor meaning ful, not only ratification of CTBT but also  Washington needs to end all work on the design and refinement of new nuclear weapons, whether of the “mini nuke” or the Reliable Replacement Warhead variety.

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Hello world!

Posted by kdpgrahi on February 10, 2008

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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