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My idea to start a Book Club

Posted by kdpgrahi on August 25, 2008







Clubs are generally meant for creating a group of people, always otherwise engaged having no time to make and participate in a group, but having interest to be counted in a forum of completely unknown persons tagged together. Book Clubs like wise consists of persons who never read and study seriously any particular book but veers around all the book headlines and gathers information on books only to recommend its reading to others.

I want to start a Book Club where any one who will never read or write a book can join, exchange ideas and collect information of little value. The importance of the club is to reassure its members that they still live, can prove their existence to the world, and get opportunity to feel that they are the movers and shakers. They pretend to read books, make opinions, draw conclusions and above all prove that they have a sharp brain that the uncaring world is not utilizing it. They can all the abilities of proving themselves as original thinkers that the world can go without them. That all the knowledge, wisdom the world gained so far is nothing in comparison to the sharpness of their brain.


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Be a Friend in Need

Posted by kdpgrahi on August 2, 2008

There is a saying in India, God helps those who helps others. I fervently believe that this is applicable all over the world, not only India. As man is a social animal, and so that, man lives among other members of the society and no person is singularly self fulfilled in all respects, one has to depend on others for a variety of purposes and it is ones prime duty, I mean social obligation, to cater to the need of the fellow being, which we call help. With out any body’s help in one way or other nobody can survive, we all will agree.

Helping others in time of need is our sole motto of creating/establishing a society, so to say it is our religion, the aim of life, the purpose of life. How far we go in exploring the new boundaries in knowledge, wisdom, so far we come to conclude that everything is meant for the benefit of the society, which in another way means helping each other within the society. A mutual help and co-operation is all that all the religions, scriptures, literature invariably espouse.

So, on this day of my birth( I turned 45 circumstancially today) I implore others around me to at least be conscious of our fellow beings live within our circle above and in spite of all our sectarian bigotries.

Gods destiny prevails always above all the temporal world.

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