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My idea to start a Book Club

Posted by kdpgrahi on August 25, 2008







Clubs are generally meant for creating a group of people, always otherwise engaged having no time to make and participate in a group, but having interest to be counted in a forum of completely unknown persons tagged together. Book Clubs like wise consists of persons who never read and study seriously any particular book but veers around all the book headlines and gathers information on books only to recommend its reading to others.

I want to start a Book Club where any one who will never read or write a book can join, exchange ideas and collect information of little value. The importance of the club is to reassure its members that they still live, can prove their existence to the world, and get opportunity to feel that they are the movers and shakers. They pretend to read books, make opinions, draw conclusions and above all prove that they have a sharp brain that the uncaring world is not utilizing it. They can all the abilities of proving themselves as original thinkers that the world can go without them. That all the knowledge, wisdom the world gained so far is nothing in comparison to the sharpness of their brain.


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Presentation makes a story tick

Posted by kdpgrahi on August 3, 2008

 Stories are intended to regale others, by the way to teach a lesson with a moral transcript. It can be heard, seen, read, or above all felt. Feeling stories is a completely different art, that can eventually be termed as poetic, the story then elevated to a poem, long or short. Stories are stories to be told, in spite of  availability of a myriad of avenues of presentation, visual,readable etc.

   Telling a story denotes presentation of a story in any form, in any medium.The contents of a story may or may not be good, or of any use, but the telling style, the way it is told makes it conspicuous. All the make or break is decided from its presentation style. How bad a story might be, the style of presentation will make all the difference. Hence telling a story is termed an art.

   There are a number of factors to to be taken in to consideration to prepare a good presentation. Basic things are the theme of the story, the intended audience, the medium, the presenter and the aids of presentation available. Long stories are required to be segmented to provide the audience the required breaks between to ponder and recapture the themes covered. As a number of medium is available it is better to take help of multi-media. Contextual editing to present a homogeneous combination is very much essential in this case. The dictions, visual arts and audible music should be so tuned, synchronized to satisfy the intellectual appeal of the audience.You can call these as science of story telling . Lastly the theme of the ending ie the conclusion is to be chosen as such that should be able to create a long impact on the audiences’ psyche.

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