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A Pleasant Trip

Posted by kdpgrahi on May 5, 2008

Ion the train¬†was on a very pleasant trip to Puri, one of the religious places of the Hindus on the Bay of Bengal Beach. The Temperature is soaring unimaginably even in this beach town coupled with a power-cut for four hours continuously and the humidity high enough I could not feel the expected comforts what I was expecting. Yes the occasion was very enjoyable, one of my wife’s sisters was going to be getting married at a very late age of 30 years. In the Hindu culture and the general practice in this locality this age is termed as late. The marriage was against all odds, without a single trace of dowry, with the amazing consent of the bridegroom even after knowing all the mental unbalanced state of the bride. The bridegroom was looking so nice, bt withdrawing from all the ritual expensenses, which was borne by the brides side. As the bride happens to be the the sister of my wife, I found I have a more important role in the marriage, yes of course to my utter surprise. i had to sit along side of the bride, her father, briegroom and the two priests chanting slokas from the Hindu marriage codes. The father of the bride had to ask for my humble permission to get the bride marry off to the chosen person even after all the prerituals performed, my permission was absolutely necessary. I feel it as a utter bogous, a mere customary for which I really can not excercise my prorogatives/ discration¬†at all. This is a somewhat perverted practice as the decision to marry off is taken many many days before and the information of the decision was conveyed to me before. When I have consented for this what is the use of this ritual on the alter of marriage? The practice should be abandoned or reformed in accordance with ratiionality.


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