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Where is Extraordinariness?

Posted by kdpgrahi on August 5, 2008


Flying High

Flying High

The Rise

The Rise

Everyone is overtly of covertly aspiring to be extraordinary in his or her own way, to be something different from the maddening crowd. It is to satisfy his or her alter ego. To be different makes one feel great, leads to a sense of self fulfilment, a self created sense of satisfication. Yes if we actually analyse everyone minutely we will find that nobody is similar, everybody is clearly distinguishable from the other in his or her own way. The different character he/she exhibits makes him/her distinguishable from the other, and it is his /her unique selling proposition. It is the self identification mark. When these characters are well distinguished and defined one should be taught to cultivate these to protray as great and extraordinary in its own way. The real problem is encoutered here how to make these characters great and extraordinary. To make any nuances/ characters great and extraordinary, the character should have all the insticts of becoming useful to the a greater mass, to the society, to the world on the whole.The mass for which the character is to be useful determines its extraordinariness.
the persons contentment in life is directly proportional to these characters embedded to his/her pesonality. The more identifiable these characters in the person the more succesful the person can feel in his/her life. By actions, words and above all his/her behaviour in the society he/she lives these characters are attributed. By constant consciousness of this one can control/modify in a more cultivated manner his / her actions, words and behaviour to portray the unique characters inherent in him/her. Just to feel extraordinay.


One Response to “Where is Extraordinariness?”

  1. kdpgrahi said

    Find out if you have any extraprdinay qualities

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